Capacity Building

Our capacity building approach is based on 4 main strengths:
Extensive database of sector-specific experts
We are a proud home to an extensive database with leading Israeli experts across a variety of sustainable-development related fields, from water resource management, to urban renewal, to rural entrepreneurship.
Ties with leading Israeli companies & technologies
In over 50 years of operation, we have built fruitful relationships with some of Israel’s leading startups, companies and technologies. We’d be glad to make any relevant introductions.
Highly trained and experienced staff
With decades of combined experience working on resource efficiency, green growth, sustainability, and international development, our staff is fully equipped to plan, coordinate and consult effectively.
​Integrated approach to development
At the heart of much of our activities is the belief that we need to apply an integrative approach to development. This is based on the idea that different stakeholders have differing, often competing, needs that must be addressed.